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Brown Rudnick LLP
Brown Rudnick’s Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring Group is among the pioneers in representing hedge funds and other high-yield investors and fund managers. By offering high-level experience, focused, creative strategies, and an interdisciplinary staffing approach, the Firm has assisted this constituency in reshaping the dynamics of insolvency and financial distress.

The Firm has successfully represented an impressive list of official and ad hoc committees, general unsecured creditors, equity holders and other central parties in interest in many of the largest and most complex corporate debt restructuring and refinancings and in-court and out-of-court workouts.

The Firm serves fund clients in a wide spectrum of investment activities such as fund transactions, distressed debt and claims trading, portfolio company acquisitions and dispositions, and shareholder activism. When representing funds as bondholders in major corporations based in the US, Europe or elsewhere, Brown Rudnick has the ability to be directly adverse to many leading commercial banks that may be at odds with bondholders in the capital structure. This strategy has allowed the firm to act conflict-free against these major financial institutions in complex global litigation and other high value matters.

Over the last 12 months our team has worked on some of the highest profile matters of the year including representing numerous US states, municipalities and Indian tribes in connection with the national opioid litigation in the United States (including in the Chapter 11 cases of Purdue Pharma Inc. and Insys Therapeutics, Inc.), the Special Master of the $1 Billion US Department of Justice Restitution Fund of Takata Corporation (a Japanese, US and European Restructuring) and the Trustee of the Post-Plan Confirmation Takata Victims’ Trust, the National Commercial Bank of Anguilla (an Anguillan and US insolvency proceeding), the BVI Liquidators of Fairfield Sentry Limited (a BVI liquidation with US Chapter 15 case), Pescanova (a Spanish restructuring, but with subsidiaries all over the world), the civil rehabilitation trustee of Mt. Gox, a Japanese Bitcoin business (a Japanese civil rehabilitation and US Chapter 15 case), certain bondholders of New World Resources (a US and European restructuring), the restructuring of Homburg Invest Inc., (a Canadian/Dutch German group) through our representation of the single biggest creditor, Catalyst Capital Group Inc. and the ad hoc group of senior creditors of Phones4 (a UK administration).

Members of our team have been involved in many high profile assignments and cutting-edge cross-border cases including:
  • Carlyle Global Credit Investment Management L.L.C.
  • Deloitte LLP
  • Éclair Cinema
  • NewPharma – PharmaTop
  • Queensgate Investments LLP
  • Pegase Partners
  • KPMG
  • Arcapita Bank
  • Mt. Gox
  • Eurofinance v. Rubin
  • Fairfield Sentry Limited
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune and Washington Mutual
  • Homburg Invest
  • Pensioenfonds Vervoer
  • Awal Bank
  • Central Bank of Bahrain
  • MG Rover
  • Powerhouse
  • TXU
  • Euro Tunnel
  • Enron
  • Polestar
  • Lehman
  • SPhinX
  • Takata Corporation
  • National Commercial Bank of Anguilla
  • Old BPSUSH Inc.
  • Northern Rock
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Party in the distressed M&A process in respect of the Coryton refinery following the insolvency of the Petroplus group

With regard to the team’s international focus, restructuring assignments have included Austria, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Paris, Romania, Montenegro, Serbia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Greece, India, Iceland, Spain, Morocco, Africa, China, Far East, and all of the offshore jurisdictions.

Colin Ashford

William R. Baldiga
Partner and Chief Executive Officer
Boston/New York

Sunni P. Beville
Partner and Managing Director of the Dispute Resolution & Restructuring Department 

Pierre-Alain Bouhenic

Didier Bruère-Dawson
Partner and Co-Leader of the Restructuring Practice Group

David Chijner

Jeffrey L. Jonas
Boston/New York

Charlotte Møller

David J. Molton
Partner and Co-Leader of the Litigation Practice Group
New York

Richard Obank

Robert J. Stark
Partner and Co-Leader of the Restructuring Practice Group 
New York

Edward S. Weisfelner
Partner and Chair of the Restructuring Practice Group
New York